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More details about Wooden toy Happy Bunny (push and pull) CUBIKA

It’s very important to give our babied best eco friendly toys that help their development. What can be more cute then little happy bunny wooden toy? Wise elk offers it to you. A cute toy bunny from the brand Cubika will perfectly fit to absolutely every baby. This product will encourage the kid to take the first steps, actively move and develop fine motor skills. While having fun with this wood toy the baby will improve coordination of movements, imagination and attentiveness.

The toy is absolutely safe for health, because it is made of environmentally friendly material. A wooden bunny is complemented by a special cord, which is designed to move the toy. Easily rotating wheels overcome the path both on the sand and on smooth asphalt, allowing you to play with the product at any location. The toy will become a favorite little thing for both the boy and the girl, and there will be no need to part with it, since the product has a compact size.

Customer reviews
I have twins. They love lacing toys - so I got both this bunny and the puppy too. They like the toys, but the funniest thing is that they liked the bunny more - they can't stop fighting about it. lol
Tyler Applegate
Never, ever, not even ONCE have I been disappointed about a single a toy I have purchased. from Cubika company
love love love this product
Jody Richmond
Nice outdoor lacing toy for summer. My princess loves it.
Liliana T. Caron
Funny bunny :)
I liked the colors. I think it's good when they are neutral. When I see very bright toys I think they actually not good for eyes of little kids since they irritate seeing. delivery and packing where good.
Sarah Jane
Just a perfect simple push and pull toy. Loved it's eco quality. Just what my pumpkin needs during our outside walks. Thanks for fats delivery. I will definitely return for next buys.
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