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More details about Wooden Train Constructor LP-3 CUBIKA

All the children enjoy the gameplay especially when they need to collect something or play with a moving toy. And what about uniting such two toys into one eco-friendly safe toy? Especially if this moving toy will be an adorable train. We all know how our children adore trains – they love playing with them, watching cartoons. The “Tu-Tu” train sound leaves in every mind!

Today DoEcoLiving is glad to offer you an environmentally friendly toy of Ukrainian brand Cubika – Wooden Train Constructor. This toy is the best solution because it’s a multi-element constructor, from which your smart toddler can not only collect a train-toy, but also experiment in creating all kinds of objects. The wooden constructor is a set of multi-colored parts that differ in shape and size. For the manufacture of the model only natural wood was used. The surface of each part was carefully polished and covered with safe eco-paint taht is absolutely lead free. Playing with a constructor promotes the development of thinking, imagination, coordination of movements, attention, as well as improving the perception of shapes and colors.

Do the right choice – buy certified eco toys at DoEcoLiving and don’t forget that your buy today will help us save the planet tomorrow!

Customer reviews
I looked at pictures andimmediately purchased this toy since my princess is crazy about trains, I was so excited when it arrived.My daughter walked over and sat and played with it for 20+ minutes until I had to drag her away because we were going to be late for lunch. I love toys that can excite my child. So anyone with a 2-3 year old knows it's a must have toy
I got this toy for my nephew. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be. I'm sure he will love it 😁
Steve Carpenter
Got this brand for the first time, The tiy is of a good quality. My 2 1/2 yo boy likes to play this train.
Santa Brain
this is early for 18m age. but it's my opinion
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